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Why eMediaWorks? We love what we do!

Making effective educational media begins with understanding your audience, clearly defining your key messages, and developing a program with impact. eMediaWorks is an award winning educational media company providing consulting services for clients seeking high impact programming.

As passionate educators, we combine creativity and experience with special skills in education, production, curriculum design, instruction and having a great time! Our mission at eMediaWorks is to assist clients in communicating complex content in engaging and meaningful ways. Educational media can make a real difference in the classroom and the community. We look forward to hearing your story.


Teri Haddad, EdD

Hi! I am an educator, consultant, and passionate media producer. I've taught in a range of K-12, university, and corporate settings and have held numerous executive positions including Chief Learning Officer at PBS 39. The focus of my graduate work and professional interest is in the areas of special needs and faith. I have verified the power of media to assist teachers and students in achieving their highest potentials. I love working with educators, children, and the community and look forward to working with you


Matthew Lewis, MS

I love providing educational media for all types of learners, from pre-k through high school; from post-secondary to informal education. I believe we never stop learning! Currently I'm a doctoral student at Lehigh University with a passion for teaching and exploring the ever-changing world of visual storytelling. I am particularly interested in the impact of real career stories on student’s believing in themselves to go after jobs they may have thought as unattainable.

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