2020 ​Emmy Nomination Give Me Shelter: Perspectives On Youth Violence

2019 ​Emmy Award Outstanding Public Affairs Program/Special:

"Close To Home: Human Trafficking"

2018 Emmy Award Outstanding Health/Environment/Science

Program/Special: "Close To Home: Street Medicine"

2018 ​Emmy Nomination Education Update: Aquaponics

2018 ​Emmy Nomination Close To Home: Changed By War

2018 ​Emmy Nomination Close To Home: Depression

2017 Emmy Award Outstanding Lifestyle Program Feature 

"Erwin Cooks: Riesling, Schnitzel: Tell Me A Little Bit About It..."

2017 Emmy Award Outstanding Arts Program/Special

"Second To None: The Liberty High School Grenadier Band"

2017 Emmy Nomination Health Program/Special

"Close To Home: Cancer Survivorship"

2016 Emmy Nomination Children's Program Cosmo's World III: Trees

2014 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program What's So Cool: Production 

2014 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program What's So Cool: Post-Production

2013 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program MyFriendRyan

2013 Emmy Nomination Children's Program Stop, Drop, Roll

2013 ​Emmy Nomination Education and Schools ABA Case Studies

2012 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Cosmo's World II: Water

​2012 Emmy Nomination Children's Program Cosmo's World II: Energy​

​2011 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Not Behind the Wheel​

2011 Emmy Nomination Children's Program HeadStrongPlayer​

2011 Emmy Nomination Public Affairs HomeSafeHome

2011 Emmy Nomination Public Affairs Second Harvest Food Bank

2010 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Career Gates: STEM​

2010 Emmy Nomination Children's Program OneFace

2009 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Cosmo's World: Biodiversity

2009 Emmy Nomination Children's Program Take One Step

2007 Emmy Nomination Children's Program Career Gates: Leadership

2018 NETA Award What's So Cool About Manufacturing?​

2017 NETA Award First Vote​

2017 NETA Award Wyomissing​

2008 NETA Award Career Gates​

2007 NETA Award Great Escape​

2007 NETA Award Career Gates


2019 Lehigh Valley Anti-Trafficking Advocate Award

2018 Women of Influence

2007 Athena Award Winner