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Re-thinking Digital Education

eMediaWorks can build out or transform large educational projects and bring them to the digital realm.  We do this by using our unique expertise in both creative storytelling and educational pedagogy and combining that with digital technologies.

Logo with text that say what's so cool about manufacturing.  A robotic arm is on the right.

Middle School Career and Technology Education

BN-1 logo.jpg

High School Career and

21st C. Skills Education

Community Services for Childre logo. Large leters C S C with three basic human figures jumping joyfully.

Pre-K Education

GETT logo.  Each leeter of G E T T is inside of a cog.  There are additional cogs with STEM icons.

6th-11th Grade Career Education

Services Include
  • Production

  • Program evaluation

  • Educational consultation

  • Media management

  • Digital technology training

  • and more. 

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